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George HarperHey my name is Paul Baker (that is me in the goofy picture to the right) and I’ve been a carpenter for over 20 years.

The best thing you can do as a beginner woodworker is look for great plans that are DETAILED and EASY. Most new woodworkers will spend their first few months trying to find free plans that are complete, and the result is alot of frustration! This is not what you want to do with your time.. you want to start building projects, instead.

Many others have made this mistake before and just wish they had spent the few bucks it takes to get a solid set of paid project plans, that way they’ll never have to hunt for decent wood plans online again. Once you get a good set and can focus on building instead of searching, you’ll make WAY more projects and your skills will IMPROVE hugely.

All in all, you need organized, easy to read, DIY training from someone who has already done all of the hard work for you. This is the quickest way to get building projects and start having fun!


These Are The Best Places Online to Buy Woodworking Plans ( I am members of all, they are affordable)

I have bought almost every set of simple plans available on the internet. Some are much better than others, while some contain many more plan outlines than others. Some are better for new woodworkers, some should be kept for the more experienced.

Below I have left reviews showing the main benefits and negatives of every paid set of plans online. Hopefully this will help you make a choice and make the small investment that will outdo any of your current plan collectinos and get you back to building instead of searching.


The Top Woodworking Project Sites For 2014

1. Ted’s Woodworking (Read My Review)

2.Woodworking 4 Home

3.Shed Plans


The Quick Down and Dirty

Ted’s Woodworking


  • HUGE database of plans (they say 16,000) and solid instructions with each plan. Everything is organized so you can find it and there are many plans that are suitable for even new woodsmiths.
  • Super advanced plans: One important thing you should know is they have so many plans, that there are a lot of really advanced ones which would be good for experienced builders.
  • Right now it’s super affordable and discounted at $67, flat – no monthly fees like some other programs, you pay once and keep it! This might seem like a lot for plans, but keep in mind that you’re getting 16,000 and you might never need to buy more again.
  • Plans for every type of project – furniture, sheds, children’s plans, chairs, tables, beds.. you name it. They literally have a plan for everything.
  • Verdict : Ted’s product is EXTREMELY extensive with 16k plans and there are tons of projects to choose from. Not every woodworker online loves it, but it’s cheap and perfect for every level of experience, I love it because this is basically the only resource I need. I highly suggest it. They also offer a really solid money back guarantee if you don’t like it after all.


Click Here To Check Out Ted’s Plans



Woodworking For Home

ww for home projects plans

  • The best site for beginner woodworkers – they make everything ridiculously easy
  • There are 14,000 plans, so a little less than Ted’s but still more than enough to keep you busy forever
  • Includes interesting projects like ottomans, lamps, and wind generators – weird, I know.. but fun!
  • Is some of the most varied and affordable woodworking packages out there, and they have a 60 day refund guarantee if you need to change you’re mind. At the time of writing this they have a special at just $49


Click Here To See the 14,000 Plans They have



Woodworking plans for beginners can be a great way to learn how to make cool furniture projects and home goods easily and conveniently. No matter whether you want to learn how to make diy wood projects that sell with the hope of building something cool for your kids and wife, or just for fun and personal fulfillment, buying a large archive of endless plans is your best choice.

Whether you are just getting started or you simply want to hone your wood work skills, you can locate many online sources that can be extremely helpful. Online plan collections are gaining popularity and enthusiastic builders are keen to improve their skills in a convenient way, given the busy lifestyles we often find ourselves leading with a lack of time and ideas. Thanks to the people who have organized plans with technology and the internet, it is now possible to find a huge variety of woodworking projects online from the comfort of your shop or livingroom. Some of the finest guides on the net can help you become an expert woodworker surprisingly quickly, you just have to work at it.

Buying a pack of pre-organized furniture and project plans if you’re new to learning is beneficial for several reasons. Firstly, the packs of plans allow you to access a constant source of instructional content from wherever you are, whether you’re in your shop or want to browse for ideas. There are many plan sources out there and huge amounts of plans being produced and being posted online and in forums each day. By paying a small fee to take advantage of organized woodworking resources, it is easy to learn the best techniques faster and begin making projects you will use for a lifetime.

Online plans can be easy, helpful, and can save you time and money if you put in the effort to usethem. But if you buy plans one by one, you might speed a lot of time organizing and searching for things to build as well as having to decipher different plan formats. You might learn a technique or two or improve your skills slightly, but you’ll forget everything by the time you go to find another plan. With organized lessons, however, you can always find the plans or instructions again easily, and come up with even more ideas of projects to build. Downloadable woodworking courses can save you money as well.

You can find our Ted’s Woodworking review here


The cost of buying plans individually can be very high.

Online packages also allow you to build at a convenient pace, whether you want to build one bench per week or want to try every new furniture plan available – and more importantly, the use of clear instructions will enable you to build under a comfortable environment without any pressure. That way, you do not face disappointment that you would otherwise experience if you buy hard-to-understand furniture plans or can’t find the specific project that you’re looking for. If you think that a plan outline is simple, you can find a more difficult one and begin practicing new skills and techniques. That way, you are able to build more things faster than if you bought each plan individually and had to search for it each time.

There are no risks involved since online plans usually offer a strong money-back guarantee, providing you with a chance to utilize all of the plans your heart desires, and in the off-chance that you’re dissatisfied despite thousands of plans to choose from, you can claim your money back.

Finding the right diy woodworkers project ideas via the internet is simple if you know where to look. If you are a beginner, you might want to look for packages that provide a huge variety ofoptions. The best ones will include clear instructions, text, diagrams, and tips. A good online plan will help you learn the skills you need much more quickly, so you can maintain speed and keep making fun projects.



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