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Ted’s Woodworking: A REAL Review

Ted’s Woodworking is one of those products that can seem kindof gimmicky at first, and trust me – I had my fair share of doubts. But if you’re a guy who enjoys buiding woodworking crafts and projects, and you posess some basic carpentry skills, then you’ll probably love this just as much as we do.

It’s one of the most comprehensive collection of extensive woodworking plans I’ve ever purchased. Usually you can buy a single woodworking plan from a magazine or website, or even just purchase the magazine with the woodworking plans in it.

The problem with that is when it comes time to find more projects, or if you really want a variety of plans, then you’re out of luck and you have to purchase more! My favorite thing about Ted’s site is that you literally get instant access to over 16,000 woodworking plans. You could be building a huge variety of projects in just a few minutes if you’ve got the time!

I had really been sick and tired of looking through stacks of printouts, books, and magazines in my shop trying to find new projects to try. This got rid of that problem, and even though there are thousands of options, I’m able to find ones that I’d like to work on much easier right there at my fingertips.

What exactly is Ted’s Woodworking?

To help you understand what the product itself is, it’s an organized selection cornucopia of thousands of woodworking projects in a members area that you log into, and all you have to do is get them off you’re computer when you’re ready to go into the shop. The diagrams and instructions are easy to find and view – another problem with traditional single-purchase plans.

You can browse all day to your heart’s content to find the perfect project to tackle as a gift or to enhance your home, and whenever you’re ready, print it out and get rolling.

“Would I be able to handle the plans?”

So often I find that a new woodworker will quit halfway through a project and give up because they’re frustrated with the instructions, not because they’re frustrated with their lack of skills. So they have a bunch of half-finished projects laying around. You should never have that issue with Ted’s Woodworking as the instructions are right there for you.

Sometimes the information in a single purchased plan isn’t even right… and that can be so frustrating when that’s all you got for your money! It won’t even be a problem with Ted’s. Here’s what I love about his instructions:

  • easy to read
  • easy to understand
  • very clear
  • they come with diagrams
  • step by step makes it possible even for beginners

The other great thing about the plans is that there are tons of options depending on what you want to build. Here are a few of the plan types they offer (I built my son a new bedframe last week):

  • furniture
  • dog houses
  • benches
  • bird feeders
  • sheds
  • and more!

Next up is always the most obvious question….

Is It Worth the Money?

Would you rather fork over a few bucks time and time again for incomplete, unclear, or unorganized instructions, only to desire more woodworking plans, and end up spending hundreds of dollars on a mishmash of unfinished projects, OR would you rather spend a little more upfront and get access to 16 THOUSAND fun, do-able plans that you can download anytime? I think you know the answer!

Here are some helpful things you’ll find in every plan that others seem to get some part of wrong time and time again:

  • Detailed diagrams
  • Correct dimensions
  • Clear instructions
  • Materials lists
  • Tool recommendations
  • Lifetime members’s area with woodworking videos

Some of the plans also have videos.

The Honest Drawbacks

I always try to leave the most honest reviews, so really tried to find some drawbacks here but had a hard time. I would say there are 2 things that could be considered “cons”:

  1. There are so many plans, it can be hard to choose from and you may have project paralysis.. but that’s not the product’s fault! The projects are all very organized in the backend. But downloading them might take a little while, so they offer a DVD.
  2. The website could be designed a little better, but that’s just me and my design preferences won’t mess up your projects ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Bottom Line: Handy Home Zone’s Recommendation

As an experienced and dedicated woodworker, Ted Mcgrath has put together an amazing resource for beginner and experienced woodworkers alike. The number and clarity of the plans and the fact that you get a lifetime member access really takes the cake.

Should you buy it? If you like woodworking projects, the answer is a definite and resounding YES. With the unconditional money back guarantee, you’d be crazy not to.


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