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The Ultimate “Must Have Woodworking Tools” List

  1. Utility Knife: a good utility knife with a capacity for replacing blades is critically important in any woodwork. The knife can be used for setting wood markers and cleaning up the mortise joints.
  2. Hand Tools/Chisel: woodworking requires an assortment of chisels; woodworkers use chisels to clean out saw cuts and wood carvers. Some of the best chisels are those made from highly durable chromium-vanadium steel or carbon steel alloy materials.
  3. Claw Hammer: this is one of the most basic woodwork tools. This hammer is mostly used in construction; the best claw hammers are designed with fiberglass and steel handles.
  4. Tape Measure: this important retractable hand tool should ideally measure 25 feet long. To use the tape measure, you have to hook up the end to attain a more accurate measurement.
  5. The Level: a couple of levels may be needed to check the level of your assembly. The level is usually laid horizontally to gauge the accuracy of the plane. Quality levels are usually made from metals or brass edged woods.
  6. Layout Square: a combination square or layout square generally comes in two sets; size 12’ and size 6’ squares. This triangular shaped tool is important for marking square cuts on a stock or block of wood.
  7. Nail Set: you will need several nail sets for your woodwork. The nail set allows you to fill and prepare holes for painting or staining. Nail sets come in either concave or convex shape to prevent sliding.
  8. Block Plane: you can use the block plane to flatten a piece of wood, square your work or add a curve on your woodwork.
  9. Handsaw: it is important to have a set of handsaws, especially if you do not have a power saw.
  10. Work Bench: work bench or work table come in various sizes. This tool is vital in providing a platform for working. The wood bench can either be portable, fixed or retractable; a good work bench should be fitted with locking casters.
  11. Caliper: this must have woodwork tool is used in fine tuning your project; for instance if you want to obtain an accurate inside or outside measurement. Although plastic calipers are cheaper, the most ideal caliper is the hard-wearing metal caliper.
  12. Screw Driver: this must have hand tool comes in variety of forms and design, for example; flatheads, tork and star drivers.
  13. Clamp: the clump is critical in the success of any woodwork project. Clamps are used for holding joints; some of the most common clamps include the F and C clamps.

Are there any woodworking tools we missed out on that we should add to the list? Comment below and let us know if you can think of anything, I want this to be the ultimate resource for woodworking tools that any basic woodworker would need!

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